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This is my final for the second term of the dreamweaver class. I created the content and design. The content is a bit sparse since grading was focused more on the design process.

article overview from final

My intention was to create a different type of blog (more of this is explained in the actual project). Too many blogs are just a list of one sentence click bait lines that don't provide much useful information to the user. To create a more interesting and useful interface I created pages for big picture topics like permaculture. Instead of a list of topics I used AJAX to organize topics, ideally each topic would have a fewtabbed layout of final sentences explaining the article and a little picture to go with it. If the reader wanted to read the article they could click a link and the page would open the full article. My preference is for the tabbed AJAX presentation.


I'm overall pretty happy with this project and am looking forward to further developing this idea and going live with it in the near future.