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Here I discuss the various cropping systems I am experimenting with or trying to build. I've included a spotlight feature where I discuss a specific crop. This will be a rotating content so be sure to check back occasionally for information on a new crop or updates on ongoing projects.

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House Bed

house bed prep.

At the foot of the south facing exterior wall I have build a raised bed for Sun loving Vegetables. The dimensions are 6 feet by 28 feet long This is a handy length because it is divisible by 4...(more)

Raised bed.

raised bed site

This is the most important project for the Yeoman, it is also the most intensive. The site is still being prepped but you can follow the progress (here).


morning glory

While a "Nuke 'em all" approach doesn't fit the Yeoman project, if we loved every weed we wouldn't get much produce. Check out which weeds we deal the most with and share your experience (here).

Featured crop


This is where a specific crop will be highlighted. These will be crops that I have some experience with and perform well for me.


The first crop showcased is an American native, the Sunchoke.

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