Property owners from suburban lots to small farms. More emphasis on small rural land holdings around an acre (like the site) or people interested in small scale farming, maybe just the theoretical side.


Includes for right now a basic overview of some concepts that drive my management decisions on my parent's place. The site provides an overview of the management of plots within the property and various projects related to land management I'm working on.


The logo is a photo montage I created from my own photos in Photoshop. The montage consists of three photos; a medlar bloom, golden hops leaves and the background is a picture of wetland soil dried in the sun. The plant images were selected from their photos and imported to the soil image.


Images are mostly my own, Anything else is linked to source below. Due to time constraints not much editing of photos have been done other than cropping and converting to JPG format.


Blacktail deer

Terra preta pic

Terra preta vid


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