Raised beds

raised beds are popular because they are easier to maintain. Raised beds also use planting space better because there is a decreased need for row space. They do require more work to install and require a significant material/capital investment.

Raised bed garden


overviewof the raised bed site

This is the flagship project for Yeoman. Site preparation is nearly complete (earth moving)and once a few things are sorted out this project will be progressing quickly. Check back in the future to see how this is progressing.



location of end bed for raised bed plot

Ultimately the site will hold 8 4'x28' beds. One will be reserved for flowers and the final design for the last bed it undecided but may end up being a cold frame design.

The site had been a garden for a long while but as the drain tile became clogged or intentionally broken across the area the vernal lakes began to rise and the site would stay too wet to till till late in the season. The flood of 1996 covered the area with a few feet of water in the winter. Initially a levee was built to control the water level but the water was coming from the ground up. ultimately the topsoil was removed and fill was brought in to a height above the 1996 flood level. The site should be useable year round once finished.

cross view of raised bed plot, site of top bed for flowers







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