Worst offenders on the Yeoman site:

Top five in no particular order:

Canary Reed grass.

Quack grass

Himalayan blackberry

Canadian Thistle

Morning glory


There is no need to get bogged down in definitions and philosophy here, weeds are simply plants that grow where we don't want them and/or have qualities that hinder site management.

The right side bar lists the main weed problems on my site. There are other weeds here but they are not too difficult to keep in check. those familiar with weed science and weed management know these species all too well and their infamous nature of being hard to manage.

I want to hear from you.

Of our top five (see side bar) which in your opinion is the worst?

Care to share some insight you have from battling these foes?

What weed would you like to see discussed in the future?

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