Chapter 2: Event Handlers

Eric Welch

1. Create a link to the Intel website. Upon clicking an alert box is created: Intel

2. Intel link like above but the alert box pops up on mouse over. Intel

3. Intel no longer a hyperlink (span), message displays in window status bar now on mouse over. Intel

4. Similar to above with message displaying on mouse over but another element is added to clear the message on mouse out. Intel

5. Intel changed back to a hyperlink, with the message displayed in the document title, mouse element to clear the message. Intel

6. Intel hyperlink, mouseover changes the text blue, mouse out resorts to black. Intel

7. Similar to above except that "Intel" is no longer a hyperlink (span). Intel

8. Intel is still in a span tag, text changes blue on one click, reverts to black with double click. Intel

9. Form text box. Click in form displays "Get out of my box!" in the status bar.

10. Same as above but now clicking outside the box displays "thank you!".

11. A form where the "get out of my box" and "thank you!" message is now displayed in the document title.

12. A form with an input type that is a button labeled 'Click me!'. Clicking opens page2.htm.

13. Form button 'click me' that triggers alert box "thank you".

14. Code the page to display a 'welcome' alert box when it loads.

15. Added the onload code to the body take and added a "bye" alert box for navigation away from the page.