Using various cropping techniques in photoshop to correct digital camera photos.

Project three photos
Before After

Picture of a honey bee visiting a dead nettle flower

Before: Bee on dead nettle. Ex1.

bee on nettle after cropping

After: Using The crop tool of Photoshop to remove excess backgroound and add focus to the subject, a honeybee.

our vernal pond, before

Before: Vernal pond. Ex2.

our vernal pond, after, corrected

After: Using the crop tool and the roation function of the crop tool to correct a non straight photo with the help of guidelines.

the road I live on looking south, before

Before: A photo across the road I live on, looking towards the Chehelam mountians Ex.3

our road, after correction

After: Using Photoshop's ruler tool to correct the picture and canvas rotate to fix the image. The image is cleaned up with the crop tool after adjustment.

telepole by my house, before

Before: The telephone pole outside my house.


corrected telephone pole image

After: Using grids and the transform perspective tool to adjust the image.