Project 4 CAS 208



Scholls barn picture before modification

Scholls barn after modification

Selection: marquee and finished with quick select

Adjustment (Barn) auto color and black and white. Filter artistic smudge stick

(background) adjustment photo-sepia 80%. Filter artistic smudge stick

our new dog before image

Our dog would be more wesome if she really was violet colored after photo

Selection: polygon lasso and quick select tools

adjustment: (dog) exposure and hue saturation. (Background) vibrance

Filters: (dog) sketch waterpaper. (background) distort ocean ripple

popular snag and MLK day storm mess before pic

The snag after modification, solarized

Selection: Magnetic lasso, inverse select like to collect the rest of the sky.

Adjustments: (snag) levels. (sky) curves

Filters: (Snag) stylize-solarize. (sky) artistic-neon glow