Before Images

(roll over to see the edited version)

A pile of grape twigs set aside for vine charcoal.  Edited to remove the mower from the background










Using the spot heal brush tool and patch tool to remove the mower in the background.

picture of a crack in the soil from drying out ground.  Edited to remove the crack

Using the patch tool and both spot and regular healing brush tool to remove the crack in the soil

Picture from Groner school, looking north East.  Edited to remove powerlines and changed hue/saturation of the sky









Using the patch tool and spot tool to remove the powerlines. Added layer to change the saturation and hue of the sky





























Picture down my road, edited to remove the power poles and lines










Using both spot and regular healing brushes to remove utility lines. Clone and patch tools to remove utility poles and mail boxes.


Quince leaf with fungal rust, photoshoped to remove the fungus










Quince leaf displaying fungal rust. Using the clone tool and spot healing brush to remove the rust spots.